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What Are The Applications of Magnets in Daily Life?


Magnets sound very familiar. Everyone knows that magnets can attract iron, and many people have used them. However, when asked about the specific applications of magnets in daily life, it is difficult to summarize them.

Today, we will analyze the specific relationship between magnets and our lives.

1、 Electroacoustic devices: All sound producing devices such as mobile phones, televisions, sound systems, headphones, etc. are achieved by using magnets as permanent external magnetic fields to vibrate with coils and diaphragms.

2、 Electronic devices: dormant leather cases for mobile phones, tablets, etc.

3、 Many items such as luggage and leather cases use magnets to adsorb and secure them.

4、 Medical field: The most commonly used magnetic resonance imaging in medical examinations. It utilizes the magnetic field of the human body and the magnetic substances carried by the instrument to interact and form detection imaging, helping people to identify the cause of the disease. Similarly, in other medical methods, there are also many traces of the application of magnets, such as acupuncture and moxibustion magnetic therapy, magnetic induction detector, etc.

5、 In the field of daily electrical appliances, the application of magnets is even more widespread. Magnets are widely used in electric appliances such as induction cookers, microwave ovens, etc., allowing them to play a better environmental and safety role.

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