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How Do Magnets Work on Audio Equipment?


Magnets are not only used in industrial fields, but also often used in our daily life, such as refrigerators, air conditioners, audio equipment, etc. How do magnets work on audio equipment? This time, Xiao Li from Wanxuan Magnet, a magnet manufacturer, shared with you the use of magnets in audio equipment.

Magnets are commonly used in audio equipment such as loudspeakers, headphones and microphones. Among them, the magnet manufacturer told us the position of the magnet used in the loudspeaker.

1. The loudspeaker is controlled by two magnets and a current. The movable solenoid coil is suspended near the fixed magnet, and the current can flow through the coil very quickly.

2. After the coil is charged, it will be attracted and repelled by the magnet again. When the coil moves in the magnetic field generated by the magnet, it will generate electrical signals and reproduce itself in the form of sound. The magnet manufacturer believes that the vibration can be amplified and turned into music on the ear.

The above is how magnets are used in loudspeakers. Xiao Li from Wanxuan Magnet will share it here this time. Magnets are very common in the application of household appliances, and are also used in some sensors. Wanxuan Magnet Co., Ltd., a magnet manufacturer, has many years of manufacturing experience. Welcome to inquire!
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